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About Us

Lisa and Da started Kunaboo after working 20 years as professionals in Asia and North America. Our worlds of IT and market was full of new technologies, new positionings and growing at all cost. That world did not always mean more meaningful relationships, a healthier lifestyle and more sustainable environment.

We wanted to create something that reflects our values and identity. We make products for people like us. We revel in the company of friends and family. We find energy and joy in good conversation and like to create spaces for others to be part of the community. Every item we own must be of the highest quality that by themselves help to show who we are and what we care about. Our home, what we own must speak to our values and their identity.


With this in mind, we set out to create products that we want in our home. We make sure every Kunaboo product is produced with eco-impact as a priority. From FSC certification to plastic free packaging, the product is a regenerative product. We personally source the material and ensure quality.


We hope through offering the Kunaboo products, we are helping to make our home a warmer place and our world a better future. We invite each of you to join us

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